Sex Workers In St. Louis

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The three women found a physical space for the organization and began creating programs, establishing partnerships with other St.

Welcome to Healing ActioN!

Louis organizations, and preparing the Healing Action space for their new clients. Healing Action has a unique opportunity to best serve and advocate for their clients. At Sex workers in st. louis time, Healing Action is in it's 1st year of operation. The staff is in the process of piloting programs to serve exploited women in commercial sex or in human trafficking. Or maybe you like both. Maybe a firm hand and a riding crop are the things that reliably take you to your happy place. The desires of most people fall outside of that box in one way or another.

Almost everybody likes at least a few sprinkles with their vanilla. People like us, we make up the vast sexual majority. Local advocates joined St. Louis on the Air host Don Marsh to discuss the issue. Rumi Price, a professor of psychiatry at the Washington University School of Medicine and organizing member of the Human Trafficking Collaborative Network said that, in general, Missouri is good about reporting and advocating against human trafficking, but the majority of knowledge of the subject lies around sex trafficking more so than labor trafficking. Amanda Mohl, the anti-trafficking community coordinator at the International Institute of St. Louis, said that it is very hard to judge how large of a problem human trafficking is in the region.

While sex trafficking victims may not be locked up in a room somewhere, they are still controlled by their pimps, often through fear and violence. Congress, Ann Wagner R-Ballwinis co-sponsoring a bill slated to be introduced in early March that would make it illegal for websites like Backpage. Wagner will be speaking at a conference in St. Louis this Sunday organized by the Exchange Initiative called Ignite: Sparking Action Against Sex Trafficking. What Can You Do?

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