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And it's available in just a handful of major markets. Right now, YouTube TV comes with too many caveats to be recommendable.

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That said, we have to give Google props for keeping your DVR'd episodes for nine months, whereas Vue holds them for only 28 days. Once you've tagged a show to be recorded, YouTube TV will automatically add future episodes to your DVR library, and it frequently offers an on-demand library of past episodes the largest of the services that we tested, in fact to help you get caught up. Google also currently offers a generous day trial, while Sling TV gives you seven days and Vue gives Sluts in wargate just five.

The best complement to live TV streaming: They're very similar on the surface, but Hulu pulls in much more recent TV content. Netflix has to wait until a Jewel saite pornblog is out on DVD or Blu-ray before it's cheap enough to add, while Hulu can give you an episode that's only a few days old and they're working on releasing their own live TV streaming service this year. Netflix is still definitely worth trying because of original content like Stranger Things and House of Cards, and it does have third-party shows and movies that Hulu does not. The ads and the slight premium over Netflix are the price you pay for getting access to recent TV episodes.

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