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If you clan of a great een club, house party or for in Sydney or VIC that sqingers sent here, we'd Senior swingers in per to all about it. The series is swinges well structured and in addition to the bar and new area celebrities a large spa, a day and carry room and no less than 16 program rooms 3 popular and 13 lot including a mirrored room and a sex credit room. They watch the fun for a while and then go back and have a last game and visit with others. Knockoffs and Costs Open for everyone on Late 8. All knockoffs are by invitation only and game shows must contact the hosts via their Staple Match Maker popularity to attend. There are on events involving several een and smaller parties with around 10 bangkok guests are featured on consideration for women portraying to show this type of turning.

Whilst there's a lot of dancing, there's Senior swingers in per a lot of sexual activity off and often on! The sheer amount of action and number of people mean it isn't for the faint hearted but the electric atmosphere, uninhibited crowd and anything goes attitude always makes for a great spectacle and memorable experience. Single males are not permitted and there are no ticket sales on the door. Refreshingly, all events are open Senior swingers in per people of all sexual persuasions and offer bisexual men a tolerant and supportive environment. Shed 16 is Melbourne's only purpose built swingers venue boasting extensive facilities including a lounge area, dungeon and numerous open and closed play rooms.

Wet on Wellington is a well known and very well equipped all male sauna but once a month plays host to a couples only swingers pool party. City Bay Spa is also usually an all male venue but holds weekly swingers parties for couples and singles. Swingers Club Single Males: Yes New forHidden Heaven is a well appointed licensed swingers venue discreetly located in Moorabbin. There's no dedicated website at present but further information can be found on their Adult Match Maker group page. Events and Costs Parties are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month between 8pm and 1am.

Select single males are permitted but numbers are limited to four per party. Western Melbourne Venue Type: House Party Single Males: No Another newcomer to the Melbourne scene inCoco's experienced hosts offer couples and single female parties in a well appointed private residence in Melbourne's western suburbs. The double story venue offers a relaxing lounge area downstairs for socialising and a large open plan play area upstairs and parties cater to both experienced swingers and those taking their first steps. Always Fun House Location: Yes Always Fun run parties from a well equipped, purpose built property in Melbourne's eastern suburbs featuring four open play areas, one private play room, an eight person spa and open showers.

A variety of regular weekend parties are offered including themed nights, couples and single females only nights and players parties open to select single men. All parties are by invitation only and prospective guests must contact the hosts via their Adult Match Maker profile to attend. Events and Costs Friday night players' parties are open to couples, single females and well groomed single males who can provide a current picture, with Saturday nights restricted to couples and single females. Stilettos Swingers Parties Location: Fridays Stilletos is a well established house party holding weekly events in an Edwardian house 20 minutes north of Melbourne's CBD.

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The experienced hosts Marie-Anne and Ron aim to create a friendly, relaxed on social atmosphere where experienced swingers and first timers can feel Srnior and comfortable. Facilities include a dance floor with mirror ball and the best dance music, comfortable lounge room and a bathroom equipped with complimentary toiletries. There are two play rooms, one with a massage table plus a discreet area containing a sex swing, glory hole and grope box. Events Senipr Costs Seniot daytime parties 12pm - 4pm and Friday night parties 9pm - 2am for couples, single females and a limited number of single males under Saturday night parties 9pm - 2am for couples and single females only, strictly no single males.

Some Saturdays are open for single Seniior, check website party calendar for details Senior swingers in per there are also periodic swingers dance parties held at a CBD venue. Party costs are available upon application. Fridays Femme Swinters runs regular bi female friendly parties for couples and singles ;er a private residence in Werribee. The venue is set up with parties in mind and includes comfortable lounge areas and two play rooms and the host Leanne, ensures the relaxed, friendly and sociable atmosphere is comfortable for both first timers and experienced swingers.

Single males permitted on Friday nights Senior swingers in per all personally screened by the host and are under 40 years old with the preferred age range for couples being between 20 and As people arrive through the evening, Jim and Jane are introduced to arriving members. Theme clothing is always optional and many are dressed simply in street clothes. Their second surprise comes when they see newly arriving couples greeting old friends warmly with hugs and kisses. They've met a couple, John and Gail and have struck up a very good conversation with them.

Jim and Jane think John and Gail are a lot like themselves. Couples that came in costumes are gathered in the living room and after some good natured insults, oohs, and aahs, guests cast their vote for the favorite couple. The winners are given a fun adult prize for their efforts. Two couples go to another, private bedroom where the door can be closed and nobody will disturb them. Most of the couples, however, are still chatting and having typical party fun in the non-bedroom areas. With this bedroom activity starting, Jim and Jane start to feel a little anxiety again. The hosts pick up on this and remind Jim and Jane that there is NO expectation from anyone that they participate in any of the bedroom activities.

The bedrooms are there if they choose to use them. The truth is, swinging in the bedrooms at the party is suited to some and not others. Many of the couples come to meet new people and often exchange phone numbers and will meet another day. Curiosity has gotten the best of Jim and Jane and they stroll toward the large open room where several couples are having some very adult fun. The furniture has been removed from the room and padding and sheets cover the floor. Since this room is open, they walk in and this is, of course, the real surprise of the evening.

Yes, there are real people engaged in real sex. Some are in groups and some couples are doing their thing by themselves. Jim and Jane decide not to join in tonight. However, they exchange phone numbers with John and Gail, the nice couple they met earlier. They watch the fun for a while and then go back and have a last drink and visit with others. They thank their hosts for the evening and leave for home. In the car they talk about their experience. There are several reasons why this is so. In general, we accept couples who are clean, friendly, and agree to adhere to the rules of the club. We avoid people who are looking for a kick for one evening, are drug users, or anti-social types.

Newcomers need to realize that this is not a commercial enterprise, but a club.

A Senioe couples in the club have volunteered to help do the screening. So, Senjor you contact us at tieandtails mindspring. Everyone who supplies the minimum information will be contacted. Most members have been in the lifestyle for years and treat each other with a respect that exceeds normal social intercourse. The experienced members have been where the newcomers are and go out of their way to make beginners comfortable and feel a part of the group. Drugs are absolutely not permitted. If a member is found with or using illegal drugs at our party, they are asked to leave immediately and are not asked back. You must be 21 to join the club. You may be asked to supply documentation of your age if you look young.

Nothing we do is illegal. Many mistakenly believe that consensual sex between unrelated adults in a private home must be illegal. It is not illegal.

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